13 Things You Didn’t Know About Canada


Number 1. Our Parliament Has a Sanctuary for Stray Cats

Originally cats were used in the Parliament buildings to control mice. A colony of strays have lived just behind the Parliament buildings since the 70’s. Fed and cared for by volunteers, today’s residents live in little wooden houses and have their own blog and Facebook page. [···]

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Enhance Your Canadian Experience Through Volunteer Work

When you perform a service with a closed heart and mind, the experience is completely different compared to doing it because you really want to.  That is why volunteering is so important; you’re doing it because you want to not because you have to.  It’s a great way to open your heart and to feel more connected to people and to your community.   One of the better-known benefits of volunteering is the impact on the community.

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10 Things You Need To Know Before Coming To GTLS (Greater Toronto Language School) Or Any International Destination

Want to be the perfect international traveler/student?  It’s all about research, preparation, and planning ahead!  And we admit, these things take a lot of work.  But it will all pay off when you pass the passport inspection, stay at a wonderful place and greet everyone in their native tongue, (which is English and or French here in Canada).  Here are 10 great travelling tips to know before you get to your destination. [···]

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Mississauga’s Secret Study Spaces – Amalia Koundourakis – Soares

Eating and Reading are the two things I love to do the most- ok talking too!  Especially debating about controversial topics, it has to be because of my Greek heritage.  So I have a few favourite spots here in the city of Mississauga that I love to go to.  I’ve lived in this wonderful city for more than 20 years, just half an hour from the city of Toronto but with all the urban and suburban charm of a great North American city. [···]

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A Great Place for Tubing in Ontario

Blue Mountain is a place for tubing and skiing . At Blue Mountain you can go with your family and enjoy it . You can slide in 8 different mountains. There are big and little hills at Blue Mountain . If you go with the family, you must buy the family ticket, because with this, you can ski or tube down the hill for a long time. Blue mountain isn’t too expensive for tubing. However, skiing or snowboarding it is . After the fun, you can have lunch and eat pizza at the restaurant.

By Rodrigo

Rodrigo is a 15yrs old student from Peru studying English in Mississauga. Please note that the full names of students under 18yrs is not published.

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