A Taste of History in Canada – By Carlos Carvalho

I visited a lot of beautiful  places in Canada, like Black Creek Pioneer Village, Canada’s Wonderland, CN Tower, Niagara Falls, Great Wolf Lodge, Valcatier in Quebec, Chateau Frontenac, Haliburton, the Biodome in Montreal, etc. However,  I have a passion for nature, so the best place for me was Crawford Lake in Milton Ontario. [···]

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Square One – Ontario’s Largest Shopping Mall!

Square One is the biggest shopping malls in Mississauga and in Ontario.

I went there by bus, because for me it is the easiest way to get there. But you can go by car too, because the mall has a big free parking lot, so you won’t spend money on this.

The mall has a lot of stores with good sales everyday, so it could be exciting if you like to go shopping. You should eat in one of their restaurants, because Square One has a variety of them –  you can choose any type of food you want.

And you definitely have to eat the big caramel chocolate apple of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. It is really delicious.

Carla Slomski

Carla Slomski is an intermediate level student studying English in Mississauga Ontario.

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Welcome to the City of Milton, Ontario

Milton is a very nice town. You can enjoy lots of activities. During winter you can go tubing, snowboarding, skiing or you can go to an indoor pool. In the summer you can go to pools or to a lake and paddle a canoe. If you want to enjoy a quiet day you can just go to the library and read in a quiet place or if you are in the mood to go to the big city and experience it, you just take the GO Train or GO Bus to Toronto. If you have a growing family, Milton’s a very good place. It has lots of schools and it’s very safe.


Valeria is an intermediate level student from Venezuela currently studying English in Mississauga, Ontario. Please note that the full name of students under the age of 18 is not published.



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My TEDx Toronto Experience

One of my most rewarding experiences in Toronto was the one where I participated in the TEDxToronto Conference as one of the audience members. I’m going to describe this experience in mainly 3 parts: what the TED Conference is about, what happened at the event, and what I learned from this experience.

To begin with, let me explain a little about the TED conference. It’s a basically great opportunity for both speakers and audience members to share their creative ideas or unique thoughts. It has been taking place for a long time all over the globe, attracting speakers like Richard Branson, Al Gore and Anthony Robbins. [···]

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