The line-ups tell it all, at this quaint Riverdale café.  The baguettes are among the best in the city.  Master baker Henri Feasson and partner Lori Feason are at the helm of this café which is famed for its all-day breakfast.

They have incredible French pastries with a touch of “Canadiana”, where blackberries and blueberries abound.  I had the famous eggs benedict.  The eggs were poached to perfection, with the yolks oozing out golden deliciousness!   The eggs were over a perfectly made croissant, with its crunchy, flaky exterior and its chewy yet soft interior.  With pemeal bacon and a creamy hollandaise sauce finishing the egg dish.  However, I noticed there was some crunchy component with further inspection I found sautéed vegetables hidden under the bacon, which was a nice touch and gave the dish an extra level of texture.  Accompanying the egg dish was a perfectly baked baguette.  I thought I was transported back to France.  The salad was dressed perfectly with a well-balanced dressing.  The New York Times writes, “Brunch is practically a competitive sport in Toronto and Queen St. East is one of its premier arenas.”  Bonjour Brioche does not disappoint.  I give it 4 ½ stars out of 5.  Losing ½ a star for being a little cramped and service could be a little more refined.

Address:  812 Queen St. East Toronto Ontario M4M 1H7

Written by:
Amalia Koundourakis – Soares
Director of Studies
Greater Toronto Language School

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