Learn English Using the University of Cambridge Methodology

GTLS is the only English school in Mississauga that correctly uses the University of Cambridge Methodology (CELTA). CELTA is the most effective method to teach a language. When CELTA is used properly, you as a student are guaranteed to speak 80% of the time while the teacher speaks only 20%

In the picture above, our students George, Marcela, Juliia, Andrea and Shawn are engaged in a discussion. They motivate each other to speak, ask each other questions and correct each other. Meanwhile, the teacher makes notes of any errors in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Errors are typically written on the board. Students work together to fix the errors and only when the students are collectively stuck does the teacher communicate the answer through CELTA’s interactive and discovery approach.

In this picture, Jerzy and Tomas are writing down examples of present continuous questions and answers. Getting students to come up to the board is a great way to keep them energized and engaged.


Start seriously improving your English TODAY in our fun, engaging and family-oriented environment. 


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If you can’t study abroad (go to a school in an English speaking country), create as close to an immersion environment as possible. Listen to English music in the car or on the bus. Watch movies and shows THAT YOU LIKE. They just shouldn’t be dubbed over to your language, having it closed captioned is OK. Go on youtube watch or listen to anything in English, no matter how stupid or silly, but it has to interest you!

If it’s not fun, you’ll stop. So just keep it fun and enjoyable. Like cooking-look at cooking shows.

Be confident and don’t worry about failure. Don’t worry about your level, just try.

Hang out with people who are fluent in English. Make time for coffee, invite them over. It doesn’t matter just be with them.|

There is no perfect! Being fluent is relative to your needs. Complete mastery of a language is achieved by only an estimated five percent of learners. So make MISTAKES!

Do these 5 steps and I promise you’ll learn! Learning English doesn’t have to be boring. Why should it be, you’re not boring! So keep it interesting and fun!

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Enhance Your Canadian Experience Through Volunteer Work

When you perform a service with a closed heart and mind, the experience is completely different compared to doing it because you really want to.  That is why volunteering is so important; you’re doing it because you want to not because you have to.  It’s a great way to open your heart and to feel more connected to people and to your community.   One of the better-known benefits of volunteering is the impact on the community.

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