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Review of 360 Restaurant CN Tower

Unforgettable, stunning, and definitely a must see experience.  Toronto’s iconic CN Tower and its revolving 360 Restaurant needs no introduction.  It offers a 360 degree view of Toronto as it makes a full revolution every 72 minutes at a height of 351 metres (1,151 ft.).

Boasting one of the best views in the world for a restaurant, it also has great food.  The Alberta Prime Rib of Beef is excellent.  It came perfectly medium rare, the way I asked for it.  It’s served with sour cream and horseradish mash, asparagus, and natural jus.  The dessert was also spectacular, a dark chocolate tower with Beamsille sour cherries, and Dillon’s rose gin crème Anglaise.  Skip the appetizer, and just order the main and dessert for $65.00.  However, if you’re coming with a hefty appetite, the Prix Fixe three course meal is $79.00.

The service is very good, the waiting staff are very accommodating. If I could make a suggestion, perhaps the waiting staff could be a bit friendlier and establish a stronger rapport with the customer.

My recommendation is to reserve your seat an hour to 30 minutes before sunset.  So you can experience Toronto by day and by night.  Also, by making a reservation and ordering a minimum of two courses you don’t have to pay for the elevator ride which is $35.00 Canadian.

Believe me you’ll have an unforgettable experience!  There hasn’t been a student from Greater Toronto Language School who regretted it.  It’s money well spent.


Food         4/5

Ambience 5*/5

Price         4/5

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Caffe Demetre – Restaurant Review

Caffe Demetre has always been a favourite amongst the teachers and students here at Greater Toronto Language School for its huge selection of desserts.  The variety of food here is awesome!  Waffles, ice creams, milkshakes and cakes, they’ve got everything sweet!

I always thoroughly enjoyed the desserts we devoured here.  Two large crepes with 2 scoops of chocolate in house made ice cream.  Topped with Belgium dark chocolate sauce, Nutella, whip cream and pralines.  My own invention!  I usually get the New York cheesecake with strawberries and strawberry coulis with a lot of fresh whip cream.  If this isn’t your cup of tea, well they have a vast selection of everything sweet.

Portions are big for sharing, I can never finish anything on my own.  This place always has fresh desserts, and always lives up to my expectations.

It’s usually really busy and loud and a little pricey, but we’ve never had a bad dessert.

Needless to say you’re always in dessert coma after eating here!

Food           5/5

Ambiance  4/5

Price            3.5/5

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The line-ups tell it all, at this quaint Riverdale café.  The baguettes are among the best in the city.  Master baker Henri Feasson and partner Lori Feason are at the helm of this café which is famed for its all-day breakfast.

They have incredible French pastries with a touch of “Canadiana”, where blackberries and blueberries abound.  I had the famous eggs benedict.  The eggs were poached to perfection, with the yolks oozing out golden deliciousness!   The eggs were over a perfectly made croissant, with its crunchy, flaky exterior and its chewy yet soft interior.  With pemeal bacon and a creamy hollandaise sauce finishing the egg dish.  However, I noticed there was some crunchy component with further inspection I found sautéed vegetables hidden under the bacon, which was a nice touch and gave the dish an extra level of texture.  Accompanying the egg dish was a perfectly baked baguette.  I thought I was transported back to France.  The salad was dressed perfectly with a well-balanced dressing.  The New York Times writes, “Brunch is practically a competitive sport in Toronto and Queen St. East is one of its premier arenas.”  Bonjour Brioche does not disappoint.  I give it 4 ½ stars out of 5.  Losing ½ a star for being a little cramped and service could be a little more refined.

Address:  812 Queen St. East Toronto Ontario M4M 1H7

Written by:
Amalia Koundourakis – Soares
Director of Studies
Greater Toronto Language School

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Mississauga’s Secret Study Spaces – Amalia Koundourakis – Soares

Eating and Reading are the two things I love to do the most- ok talking too!  Especially debating about controversial topics, it has to be because of my Greek heritage.  So I have a few favourite spots here in the city of Mississauga that I love to go to.  I’ve lived in this wonderful city for more than 20 years, just half an hour from the city of Toronto but with all the urban and suburban charm of a great North American city. [···]

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