Why Learning English in a School In Mississauga

Learning English at our school in Mississauga, Canada is a great experience.

Mississauga has been Canada’s safest city for the last 7 years, yet it is also Canada’s fastest growing city and home to some of the most affluent neighborhoods in Canada. The city is also home to the Canadian headquarters of several Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Siemens and Samsung.

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10 Things You Need To Know Before Coming To GTLS (Greater Toronto Language School) Or Any International Destination

Want to be the perfect international traveler/student?  It’s all about research, preparation, and planning ahead!  And we admit, these things take a lot of work.  But it will all pay off when you pass the passport inspection, stay at a wonderful place and greet everyone in their native tongue, (which is English and or French here in Canada).  Here are 10 great travelling tips to know before you get to your destination. [···]

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