• Alejandro Guzman, Venezuela

    Well informed teachers staff, a great dynamic between teachers and students, a family atmosphere, and finally the evidence of students learning English are the elements or factors that show how GTLS is the number 1 school. Therefore, I believe the school has to be between the options in anybody’s list when it comes to studying English. I love GTLS!!!!

    Alejandro Guzman, Venezuela
  • Mone Yoshikawa, Japan

    GTLS is one of the good ESL schools in Mississauga. Each class is small and the teachers are close with the students. Sometimes we hang out somewhere.
    Warm atmosphere is there. Therefore, I recommend this school to you.

    Mone Yoshikawa, Japan
  • Alona, Ukraine

    GTLS is a really great school full of energy, creative and high level of teaching. All the teachers care about their students, therefore the students get a family atmosphere, which also help them to improve English. I strongly recommend this school! The school is cool!!

    Alona, Ukraine
  • Manami Hyogo, Japan

    GTLS is the one of smallest ESL schools in Toronto. Although it’s located a little bit far from downtown, it’s wonderful atmosphere to concentrate to study English. You can feel like home. It means you can improve your English skills!! And the teachers are so friendly and professional. I think GTLS is a lovely school. Therefore, I totally recommend this school. I promise, if you really want to improve your English skills, you would never regret your decision.

    Manami Hyogo, Japan
  • Shiho Kobayashi, Japan

    This school has great professional teachers who are educated. They teach English passionately and dramatically. And also the school’s atmosphere is warm. So students can ask for advise at anytime. Therefore, I highly recommend this school for studying English. This is the best school in Toronto.

    Shiho Kobayashi, Japan
  • Nadia Paulina Delgado Avila, Mexico

    Although I came to GTLS without speaking or understanding anything about Englsih. The teachers always helped me and explained that I didn’t understand.
    Also in GTLS, I can meet a lot of people of different parts of the world and you go out to know more about Canada. Therefore, I strongly recommend GTLS because it is a great school. Also the teachers are very creative, comprehensive and not only are your teacher because you can talk and go out with them too!!

    Nadia Paulina Delgado Avila, Mexico
  • Michela Palumbo, Italy

    GTLS is the best English school in Mississauga, it’s an amazing school to improve your English, the atmosphere is wonderful because the teachers are just perfect, they can help you with the Canadian experience also in this school you feel like in your family! I’ve just found the school an google and now. I’m very excited and proud to study English here with this exceptional “team”(teachers and friends). Therefore, if you want to improve your English, I strongly advice GTLS. Come on, seeing is believing!!

    Michela Palumbo, Italy
  • Stefanie Marxer, Liechtenstein

    GTLS is the best school that I ever have been.
    The teachers are full of energy, creative, helpful and professional. They always bring a familiar, respectful and peaceful atmosphere in the school. Therefore, I strongly recommend coming here to everyone who wants to have a real Canadian experience and of course to learn English.

    Stefanie Marxer, Liechtenstein
  • Berk Kaya, Turkey

    These four months were the best education experience in my life. It is a small school. However the atmosphere in the school is like a family. Moreover, teachers are very professional and treat you as an equal. Therefore, I strongly recommend GTLS for who has lifelong dreams.

    Berk Kaya, Turkey
  • Ariana Miranda Barbera, Venezuela

    GTLS – it’s more than a simple school, because when I arrived to Canada I couldn’t speak English. My English was 0(zero). However, every teacher in this school motivated me to improve my English. Therefore, I recommend this school a 100% for their amazing energetic and rapport that the teachers have with their students, also you can find a wonderful atmosphere and great people that come from different parts of the world.

    Ariana Miranda Barbera, Venezuela
  • Dogukan Ozturkoglu, Turkey

    I can’t even begin to describe what a wonderful experience I had in Canada. A big thank you to Amalia, Ana, Ken and especially my teacher Scott for a wonderful 4 months. During my time at Greater Toronto Language School, I developed a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical skills which I will apply towards my on going studies in Philosophy. Thank you for a wonderful Canadian experience.

    Dogukan Ozturkoglu, Turkey
    Dogukan Ozturkoglu, Turkey
  • Rodrigo, Peru

    In my country I had never been interested in studying. However, my teachers at Greater Toronto Language School make learning so much fun. I finally have a strong understanding of present perfect. My teacher used many ways to explain it to the class. I will be returning to GTLS again to prepare for my TOEFL. I love this place!

    Rodrigo, Peru
    Rodrigo, Peru
  • Valeria, Venezuela

    My teacher Ken has so much energy when he teaches. He also has a big heart. What I enjoy about his classes the most is that he makes difficult grammar and vocabulary simple to understand and provides lots of examples and exercises. I had a great time at GTLS and learned so much. I will return again soon.

    Valeria, Venezuela
    Valeria, Venezuela
  • Maria Claudia, Venezuela

    I like to talk a lot in my language but I was scared to speak in English. Thank you to my teacher, I get to speak and use my English everyday. I can ask for directions, share my opinions and make new friends in Canada. Thank you to Ken, Amalia and Ana for a great time in Canada. I will be back soon!

    Maria Claudia, Venezuela
    Maria Claudia, Venezuela
  • Yuka, Japan

    I had so much fun in Canada and my teacher Sarah was so sweet and friendly. I learned alot about Canadian culture during my trip. A big thank you to Ken for the surprise trip to Toronto before my friends and I returned to Japan. You have a very very big heart. I will really miss all of you and I want to come to Canada again!

    Yuka, Japan
    Yuka, Japan
  • Michael & Katrin Diemar, Germany

    A big “thank you” to GTLS ! We’re just having the time of our life attending lessons at GTLS. The teachers are all very nice, trying to make you feel as comfortable as possible at school, while being professional helping you to put your English up onto another level. The homestay-program at GTLS strongly emphasizes “home” – we felt like we were at “home” just in a foreign country.

    Michael & Katrin Diemar, Germany
    Michael & Katrin Diemar, Germany
  • Maria Clara Barreto, Brazil

    This was my second time to Canada and it was even better than the last time. Amalia is the best teacher I’ve ever had. Her classes are engaging and fun and time goes by so quickly and she has such a big heart. She really cares about her students.

    Thank you to Ana for all the trips you arranged. I especially enjoyed our trip to Crawford Lake!

    Maria Clara Barreto, Brazil
    Maria Clara Barreto, Brazil
  • Masanobu Mikami, Japan

    I stayed in Canada for 2 months. I didn’t know how to speak English. Everday my teacher taught me something new and my English improved. I had a good time in Canada. Thank you to Ana for the wonderful trips. I enjoyed the Haliburton trip very much. Thank you!

    Masanobu Mikami, Japan
    Masanobu Mikami, Japan
  • Sue Kim, South Korea

    When I first came to Canada I was very shy to use my English. It was my first time to live in an English speaking country. Thanks to my teacher, I had the chance to improve my English in class and use it outside of school too. The lessons were very interactive and I am much more confident in speaking with foriegners.

    Sue Kim, South Korea
    Sue Kim, South Korea