Mississauga’s Secret Study Spaces – Amalia Koundourakis – Soares

Mississauga’s Secret Study Spaces – Amalia Koundourakis – Soares

Eating and Reading are the two things I love to do the most- ok talking too!  Especially debating about controversial topics, it has to be because of my Greek heritage.  So I have a few favourite spots here in the city of Mississauga that I love to go to.  I’ve lived in this wonderful city for more than 20 years, just half an hour from the city of Toronto but with all the urban and suburban charm of a great North American city.

Panera Bread
Thus, Mississauga has it all, and the place I love to go to is Panera Bread.  There are two locations quite close to the school (Greater Toronto Language School) one at Heartland and the other at Square One.  This fine café and bakery boasts a wide selection of breads, pasteries, sandwiches, and soups that really do taste as good as they smell, and believe me the smell is amazing.  Let’s face it if you need to learn a new language, which takes a lot of energy you need to stuff your face with anything sweet and delicious.  Oh yes, did I forget to mention that Panera Bread also offers bottomless coffee, tea, and pop!  Yes, you read correctly BOTTOMLESS!  As in you have an unlimited access to the drinks you love most-especially caffeinated ones.  So sit back, open your language book or bring your friends OR ME and let’s learn English! 

Coffee Culture
This is a place where people come to socialize, write, and yes, study.  Groups of people are huddled around tables, holding their golden elixir, laughing, eating, and talking.  Coffee Culture offers a wide variety of food items, drinks, and ice cream, all at an affordable price.  I especially love their cheesecake, but they have a whole slew of items such as sandwiches, soups, salads, and of course an array of pasteries.  But what I love best here is not the food but the environment.   The café is littered with large tables to put your books on and plushy comfortable couches.  Coffee Culture has free Wi-Fi, definitely a big plus when it comes to studying, reading, or group projects.  And believe me you will have a group project if I’m your teacher! 

Centre for Education and Training
Located near Square One, The Centre for Education and Training in Mississauga is a resource facility set up by the provincial government intended to help residents find employment.  The centre is elegantly designed and the atmosphere is calming to say the least.  The centre provides free access to computers, printers, and photocopiers, and offers employment and education advice.  All you have to do is to fill out a form regarding your status in Canada (Canadian citizen, permanent resident, student visa, etc.)  And then a counselor comes up to you, and explains how you can take advantage of the centre, and hands you an identification card that gives you access to the computers.  This is your golden ticket: you can take a seat among the many study tables, and study to your heart’s content or you can go up to the rows of blue workstations and spend hours studying on a comfy rolling chair and print 30 pages of notes for free.  I know, I know nothing is for free- but YES photocopying is free here. 

So here you have it, my favourite places to study, socialize, eat, and drink, in the fine city of Mississauga. These places set the right mood for uninterrupted study and socializing.  We might even start a great debate team, if you’re in the mood of course!  What better way to learn English!

Amalia Koundourakis-Soares

Amalia is the Director of Studies for an International English as Second Language School in Mississauga, Canada.


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