Practice English in the Real World

Practice English in the Real World

In this picture, our English students are practicing speaking near our school with native English speakers of Mississauga.
These students are only at the Pre-Intermediate level, so how is it possible that they are already communicating so confidently?

When students learn English in class, some of them are initially nervous to speak. However, after a week they become comfortable with their teacher and fellow classmates.

So what happens when they use their English outside of the school?
Most students suddenly they freeze and all their English is “forgotten”.

Does this happen to you?

Ken, Amalia and their fellow teachers know the importance of getting students to use their English in the real world. Using the University of Cambridge methodology and careful preparation, we get students  to practice questions with the friendly people in our community at least 3 times a month. Students have done everything from asking general questions to conducting surveys.

Do you want to improve your English and become confident at communicating?


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